Monday, 23 January 2012

, untung !!

 , oke , ak cume naak plessing nihh jee, untung lhaa ak ade owg syg ,, ta suke , pg mampus !!!!!

hehehe . dye mmg suke memaki ak , :) but ak tawuu dlm hati ak just ade dye , n susah untuk ak lupe kn dye , Because he is everything to me now . and no one can be replace him in my heart .

heee ~~ dye mmg salu wat ak tersenyum :) n i will give you the big smile too :).... 

thankss sbb percaya ann ak b , ak janjy taa kn ilang ann kepercayaan kao uw , sumpah ak ta kn pernah terlintas pun na wat sume uw b :)
and I promise I will keep my love for you only .

                                         * Muhammad Zaimy <3 Nur Farahana Ezwani *

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